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13 April 2018

#C1RInspiration – Can You Be A Ruler Of Many? #RedCarpetLife

After Stellar weekend I had a debate with someone about managing expectations of opportunities and weighing the cost of production of music that would allow MORE of the opportunities vs shelling out a few grand to perform in multiple showcases in HOPES that the right person will notice you and extend a hand or open a door. I mentioned that on average, an independent gospel artist will spend roughly $2500-$3500 on a full service trip to Las Vegas including Hotel, Flight, Rental, Food, Performance Fees, and more. Then followed up with,with that type of a Budget they could fund a project that could qualify for a Stellar Award nomination that would essentially pay for itself and open more doors in the long run. And of course I was debated with someone saying that it couldn’t be done.

On April 12, 2018 Andy Mineo went on FB and IG live to make an announcement. It was a Box opening for… Well what happened was he had to record a song and didn’t have his recording equipment on him. just a Travel USB Mic, a Laptop and some software. No Studio so he had to use a Sock and a hanger for a pop screen and a blanket for a sound booth. Of course all of this had to be processed, mixed and mastered. but the bottom line was he didn’t stop his progress because he wasn’t in a multi-million dollar studio. He used the tools (or materials) he had around him at the time, and made it work. The song “You Can’t Stop Me” was born, and the unboxing in the video was a Gold record plaque. A song that was RECORDED under a Blanket using a USB mic sold over 500K units.

So what is your “You Can’t Stop Me”? What is it that God has placed in you that you’re putting off because you don’t have the “Resources” or the the “Space” or the “Time” what is keeping you from being the ruler of many? Not being faithful over the few. We know that Andy was signed to a label at the time he recorded that song, but the simple fact that he was able to use what was around him, even at that stage in his career is something we need to learn from. Often we say to ourselves “If I only had…” instead of saying “well I can use…” God is looking for us to trust in in our perceived “lack” to see if we are REALLY about what we say. If you’re a business owner, Musician, artist, whatever… What is it that you could be doing NOW, that God can turn into a Big Deal down the road? What Success are you stopping because your situation isn’t favorable NOW? Jesus always reminded us to work with what we have instead of what we think we need. The reason why we’re able to do it is because it’s God who offers the increase. If we’re faithful over our few, He knows that we can be trusted with the many.

So that’s it. Work with what you have in the best way you know how. Allow God to turn that little bit into something “Golden”
Until Next Time. Keep It Crazy! Keep It locked.


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