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13 February 2018

#C1RNews Snoop Dogg Collab with Faith Evans, Tye Tribbett On New Project, The Bible of Love @SnoopDogg @imnotabloggerr_

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Gangsta Rapper Snoop Dogg is expecting to debut his first Gospel album “Bible of Love” March
16, 2018. Although this is a side of Snoop fans may not be familiar with, loving God and having
faith isn’t unusual. We just have to get used to the Doggfather singing and worshipping on the

His new video for song “Words Are Few” featuring B. Slade also known as Tonex who is on the
chorus and vocals, is out now. Exposing his love for Christ, Snoop Lion’s new video was shot
entirely inside of a church, bringing his private praise and worship to the public for fans and
viewers to see.

There are also four other songs that have been released. However, there aren’t any visuals
created yet, just audio. Nonetheless, the tracks are:
1. Blessing Me Again (Fr. Rance Allen)
2. Words Are Few (Ft. B Slade)
3. Blessed & Highly Favored (Remix) [Ft. The Clark Sisters] 4. Saved (Fr. Faith Evans & 3 rd Generation (Bereal Family))
5. You (Ft. Tye Tribbett)

Blessing Me Again, which is a track Snoop is actually on, he says:
I gotta whole lot I can really thank him for.
When I was moving fast, He had to slow my roll.
Out of in control, next episode (He’s blessing me again).
Now look here, see when you think about when everybody count you out,
See he the only one that probably really helps you out.
I’m talking from experience, you hearing this? (He’s blessing me again)
I believe this record is a great reflection of what Rap Legend has gone through and the lessons
learned from his past, including along his ultimate life journey.
Many of us are on different walks and paths of life. We can agree, that there are battles each of
us face that are unknown but only to man. I can ensure that, “Bishop Snoop” only wants his fans
to know that God is real, that he always has our back, and that with him, all things are possible.

Written by Kenya Sheats @imnotablogger


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