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29 June 2017

#C1RSNews MC Lyte’s Open Letter Encourages Kanye West to Look to Jesus @MCLyte

A Day after the BET Awards Hip Hop Legend MC Lyte felt concern for a troubled Kanye West. She then took to Instagram to issue an open letter…

My dear brother you are on my mind. Where are you? How are you? Will we hear you again? How you feel…will we ever hear how you feel? We miss you. Can’t wait to hear that next thing. Those words. That slay. So slick. Sing your song my brother, Jesus Walks…He does, your are, because he was. He is, he lives, ask & believe, he’ll manifest the gift—-NEW LIFE —We miss you Kanye…

The question we at C1 want to ask you is not only how you feel about this open letter, but if you think more stuff like this should happen with Gospel/Christian artists. Another question would be with all the collaborative works going on with gospel and secular artists, why wasn’t something like this done by a professing Christian artist? Let Us know in the comments below.


2 Responses

  1. Let me becareful how I answer this so I wont sound deep. Yes more of this should happen will it only time will tell. I love this Artist like Kayne need to hear this we forget that even though he deliberately mocked our lord and savior he has a soul. Hes in a battle struggling to break free through his ranting. As far as this being done by professing that would depend on the Artist me personally Christian and secular shouldnt be colabing we talking to different kingdoms. We can learn from the Secular industry but not embrace it whole heartly. Unless that professing Christian Artist is really lifting up Jesus no drawing will take place. Some like to use Jesus ate with sinners however it doesnt say that he partook of their ways and also lives where changed when he was amoung some of the worldly people. Whos drawing who only time will tell.

  2. Chrystal Redding

    Love the open love letter from MC Lyte. It expresses mad respect and heartfelt concern. I believe God uses who He wants to, when He wants to, how He wants to. Thumbs up to MC Lyte for following the leading of the Holy Spirit to show love to our brother Kanye.

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