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30 April 2018

#C1RVideoReviews K. Allico – They Don’t Know @K_Allico

If there’s one criticism I often have about the majority of Christian music videos is it’s story telling. Most story based christian Music videos contain the same hyper-emotional/melo-dramatic story of [insert bad situation] then the introduction of Christ then magically all is right with the world. The only thing I don’t like about this formula is that it’s completely unreal in it’s premise of timelines, and the execution of said scenarios are POORLY executed.

Enter the God of Money’s new artist K. Allico with “They Don’t Know”. This video does a better-than-most job at telling a story of a misguided individual who WANTS to the right thing but ultimately is a product of his environment. Although there are controversial images and social commentary in this video, the point of view of our main character cannot be ignored as situations like this are experienced almost on a daily basis. The love of Christ isn’t relegated to a certain class of people to but to all who are willing to to accept it.

“They Don’t Know” does a great job of perspective storytelling and needs to be paid attention to. Check the video below!



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