Q: Do you stream over the internet?
A: Yes we do. Our Player is over to the right. check our twitter feed to see whats playing right below it.

Q: Can you request songs through email?
A: Currently, we do not accept requests for songs via email. However, you can download the C1 Radio Show mobile app and use the shout out (S/O) button to send in your requests. And we might just play it on the air too!

Q: Does C1 Radio Show sell mix cd’s?
A: C1RS does not sell any Mix CD’s. We do, however, have mixes available on the C1 Radio Show mobile app (available on all apple and android devices)

Q: How can I get a job with C1 Radio Show?
A: C1 Radio Show is currently ran by volunteer staff and interns. If you would like to apply for a volunteer or intern position, please send a resume to c1radioshow@gmail.com and state in the subject line if it’s for an intern or volunteer.

Q: Do you Host Events or Provide DJ services?
A: Yes! C1 Radio Show makes booth appearances, as well as Host and DJ Parties and events. If you would like to book us for a service please send an email to c1rsbooking@gmail.com

Q: How can I get my Music played on the air?
A: You can use the submission form found HERE.

Q: Is it possible to advertise or get featured on the C1RS website?
A: Absolutely! just send an email to c1radioshow@gmail.com and use ADVERTISING in the subject line.