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30 May 2016

#FreeDownload Konviction – Grown Man @KonvictionMuzik

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance. ~Ruth E. Renkel

Dear Daddy:
The song “Grown Man” feat worshipper Tracy Clark (@Tcjr84) celebrates God and honors man, exalts Christ yet empowers earthly fathers, glorifying the Father’s sovereignty and recognizing daddy’s diligence…I see you pops! Tears still swell up in my eyes and roll down my cheeks, as I sit thinking of the legacy you crafted… the man who I physically resemble so much, all the while struggling to carry forward his imprint…uno games, checkers, basketball and ice cream cones, laughter and silliness..constant wisdom by example. While there is no perfect man in the flesh, the image of Christ as the ultimate servant-leader, confident yet sacrificial lamb, loving but plainly truthful in his intention served as a perfect example, to my myself, as well for you daddy.

The semi-upbeat, synchopated-jazzy track produced by Tone Jonez (@OfficialTJonez) grooves to the vocals, celebrating the smooveness of both Christ, and daddy. If I could harness the power of all the creative forces given to me by God in a moment, I’d still fail to demonstrate what you accomplished…you are truly the glory of your son…I celebrate your handiwork! Your inheritance, one of obedience, wisdom, and unyielding faith in God alone, has carried us forward in this season of sadness, of missing you, the wounds of your absence still fresh in our souls. Watching your face vanish forever behind the veil and casket has strengthened my determination to live for God alone, sharpened by the iron of the pain your absence has caused my heart. God always has been my Father in heaven, yet now…he is truly a father to the fatherless. Happy Father’s Day then… to you, Jesus, and Daddy…I resolve to see you both in due season…Grown Men Rule…


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