New Releases

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Mar 17,Britt Nicole,The Remixes,Sparrow Records/Capitol,LP
Mar 24,Chris Cobbins,August Season: Take 1,Save the City Records,EP
Mar 24,21:03,Outsiders,PMG,LP
Mar 24,Danetra Moore,Light In the Dark,Tyscot Records,LP
Mar 24,Social Club,US,Indie,LP
Mar 31,NF,Mansion,Capitol Label Group,LP
Mar 31,Murk,P31,Dedicated Music Group,EP
Mar 31,James Gardin,Living Daylights,Indie,LP
Mar 31,Erica Campbell,Help 2.0,eOne,LP
Mar 31,Jor’Dan Armstrong,52 Weeks of Summer,Indie,LP
Mar 31,Sareem Poems & Ess Be,Beautiful Noise,Illect Recordings,LP
Apr 7,Gemstones,Blind Elephant,Xist Music/Syntax,LP
Apr 21,KB,Tomorrow We Live,Reach Records/New Day,LP
Apr 21,The Showers,The Showers Family Group,Habakkuk Music,LP
Apr 28,Dre Murray & Alex Faith,Southern Lights: Overexposed,Collision Records,LP