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“ All the strength and force of man comes from his faith in things unseen. He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.”- James Freeman Clarke

For Konviction, aka Zo, the testing of his daily faith and beliefs have been the catalyst used by God to propel him toward his life’s destiny and call. Coming of age as a young man in one of Louisville more distressed communities, Konviction struggled mightily to envision himself becoming the man God has made. Smoking his first cigarette at 7, sipping his first liquor at 11, popping PCP by 13 and gravitating to cocaine by 16, it is purely by the testing and developing of His faith that he partially eluded the fate and demise that awaited many of peers. Despite many potential overdoses and setbacks, God used Zo’s musical genius to gracefully open a sacred door allowing him to exit the Newburg community he called home. He wound up exchanging the hood for the black college experience at Johnson C Smith University, Charlotte, NC. It was here where God began to expand his hope and vision for the future…but it came with significant setbacks. Zo struggled to leave the learned behaviors of the hood behind, and gravitated into a vicious cycle of even greater addiction, domestic violence, and generational ignorance, all the while growing as a aspiring vocalist and hip-hop artist.

Konviction became socially-conscious, and politically motivated, with a clique of emcees and an agenda. Armed with creativity and business savvy, he and a group of childhood friends and cuzins formed Legacy Entertainment Group and dropped the underground mixtape classic “Memoirs of A Southern G” in the mid 2000’s. The mixtape made noise on the underground secular circuit, enlisting the attention of Atlantic’s Mike Caren, Nappy Roots, Cunninglynguists, and 9th Wonder among others. Yet, God had plans for Young Zo. As divine intervention would have it, a series of legal setbacks, including jail and probation halted his musical progress and gave him a chance to hear the Lord speak. Facing 8yrs in prison for assault with a intent to kill and violation of an injunction, Konviction was moved to give his life to Christ on New Years Day 2007. With the wave of Gods unyielding mercy riding high in his personal life, God pardoned him in 2008…the State of Florida withheld adjudication freeing Konviction for correctional control after completing probation in 2010.

At the end of 2009, Konviction was signed by Triumfant Muzik and began to grow as a servant-leader, urban missionary, teacher of the Faith, father, and community activist. He has shared the stage with several notables in urban Christian music, those which include the likes of Trip Lee, Flame, Bizzle, D-Maub, This’l, R-Swift, V.Rose, Young Noah, among others. He is the father of six wonderful children, a licensed social worker and teacher in Central Florida community he calls home. Konviction desire is to utilize his personal experiences to lead the lost to live productive and effective lives while equipping those who know Christ to become more effective as agents of change in their local communities. Upon his release from Triumfant Muzik in 2013, Konviction began to slowly embark on a promising solo career as a song writer, spoken word, hip-hop artist, and vocalist..seeking to build upon the vision God has given.

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