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From jumping out of planes to jumping off of stages, Young Saint definitely knows how to get an event “Jumping!” Young Saint grew up in Fayetteville, NC. Although raised in a Christian home, throughout his younger years, he strayed away from those teachings. But with strong foundations and through the art of music, he rededicated his life’s purpose back to God. Young Saint strives to resonate with the minds and hearts of his listeners. Today’s music portrays to our younger generation that money, cars and clothes are the indicators of success. This is publicly expressed through explicit lyrics and degrading acts towards women. He vows to take the world’s negative concepts and turn them around. Through his music, he uplifts and inspires all, young and old. With each song, there is lyrical content broken down so that the youngest of minds can understand, but meaty enough for “seasoned” listeners to take away something as well. His desire is to challenge people to look inward to begin the process of change.

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