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09 February 2015

#RockTheRadio Showcase Submissions


– ​Artists or Ensembles ​have ​5 ​minutes ​​to perform their selections.
– ​Spoken Word, Comedians, and Dancers have 3 min.
– ​Should ​you ​have ​any ​questions, ​please ​contact RockTheRadioEvent@gmail.com


– ​Registration ​dates ​are ​February ​10, ​2015 ​ending ​March ​1, ​2015
– ​After ​RTR ​has ​received ​your ​application ​to ​perform, ​you ​will ​receive ​a ​confirmation ​email ​within ​5 ​business ​days. ​Following ​receipt ​of ​your ​funds, ​You will be ​advised ​as ​to ​the details of the event day (soundcheck, set up time, etc).
– ​Due to limited slots, performance ​space ​is ​made ​available ​upon selection of Showcase committee.


– Solo Artist/Duo – $150
– Group/Ensemble (3-4 members) – $200
– Ensemble/Choir (5+ Members) – $250

– ​Your ​performance ​slot ​is ​not ​secured ​until ​funds ​have ​been ​CLEARED.

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**Rock the Radio will not add you to the show without your signature. Your signature acknowledges that whatever work you are entering is your original work or you have permission to perform it. If you work with or are representing others it is your responsibility to get all permission to perform it and credit appropriately. Your signature authorizes Rock the Radio to take photos and videos of the event. Rock the Radio owns all photos and videos and have the right to use it however they choose.Including but not limited to advertising, promotions and sales items. By checking this box you agree to Rock the Radio policies as posted. *
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