Christmas Compilation

C1 Radio  has been asked by a number of outlets for music to play for Holiday fun . With that in mind we are gearing up to present the world with it’s first ever ‘T’was the Crazy before Christmas’ Compilation Album. This album will be filled with the hottest CHH and Rhythm&Praise music for any Christmas Party.

This will also be beneficial to you as a means of exposure for your name and brand. We know we will receive a lot of submissions but only a select few will make the cut. We want to make this an annual event to accomplish a couple of things #1 to expose non-Christian/Gospel Audiences to great  talent #2 to make sure that they remain up to date with the CHH and Rhythm&Praise music scene.

What we are asking for you to do is donate a mastered stereo mix of an original Christmas song of for the Compilation. We ask that songs be no older than 1 (one) year old. If you are currently in production for a Holiday album we will gladly except a selection from that project.

Also Include the following :

Artist name
Album name
Track title
Year of release
Label name

Send all information to

This album will not be sold but given as a gift as a free download to our listeners, friends and supporters. Let’s give the world the CRAZYEST gift they will ever get !!!