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02 April 2019

Your Avengers: Endgame Timeline Binge List is Here! @TheaterHoppers #AvengersEngame

Starting April 3, 2019 you can do a Marvel movie a day to keep the theater questions away!

So we all have that partner, spouse, or child who just “doesn’t get it” with these Marvel movies and why they build so much hype. One way you can get them to understand the full story and not ASK YOU A MILLION QUESTIONS DURING THIS EPIC 3 HOUR AND 2 MINUTE EVENT! (sorry ran away with that a bit). is to encourage a healthy 22 day MCU diet that will entertain and simultaneously answer any and all questions about what’s happening in Avengers: Endgame. I mean let’s face it most of us are still traumatized by “This is not the place to die” and “I don’t wanna go Mr. Stark” followed by Cleanup on isle….. UNIVERSE!

Last time we gave you a priority list based on the infinity stones and clues to look for. This time we’re basing our list on the chronological order of events (not release date) from start to present in the MCU that will help you understand what’s going on in proper time. Hold on to your Arc Reactors! Here we go!

Takes place during Wolrd War II the origin story of the man we call ‘Cap’

Not considered one of Marvel’s crowning achievements, but still a decent and entertaining watch. A little more insight and an easter egg to our next hero are embedded in this one.

YES! THIS MOVIE IS PART OF THE MCU!!! Ed Norton’s off camera antics gave people a bad vibe and now we have Mark Ruffalo! Thanks Ed!

If you ask THIS writer, This is one of the worst MCU films. I mean don’t get me wrong, at least he’s not fighting a CLOUD, but I was expecting a bigger scale of movie.

So insert the the prologue and post credit scene from Captain America RIGHT before this and now we’re cooking! History was made right here people! Right here!

A very strong message about dealing with PTSD and the the eternal question of “Who Am I?” is done in this film. there’s more Tony than Iron Man in this movie but dealing RIGHT after Avengers this is a thrilling ride.

I don’t care what anyone says, it’s still better than the first one. That being said STILL on the bottom rung of MCU movies. However we get a new infinity stone….sigh

Let’s be honest… this really didn’t have to be an MCU movie to be one of the BEST action spy thrillers ever made. Enter the Russo Brothers and THANK YOU! If this movie is on my TV my remote automatically stops working!

Because we have been asking for this since Iron Man 1…. SAID NO ONE EVER. 95% of the general population never knew these characters existed and I personally thought it was a dumb idea… I’m Sorry Marvel I’ll never doubt you again! James Gunn.. Thumbs up! Oh, and also… Infinity Stone… yeah!

OK so full honesty again… It may had went a TAD overboard? I mean you can definitely watch it more than once but it get’s a lil Goofy. If the first one had you cracking up this one have have you screaming UNCLE! lol

This movie has a villain problem, not the actor who played him, but the overall utilization. It doesn’t make it a bad movie, but there’s a little be it of ‘Aww come on’ to it. STILL BETTER THAN THOR. we get additions to the team in this one, and oh yeah… Infinity stone.

Yet ANOTHER hero we’ve been asking for since the Iron Man… ok you get it. It worked. It was a Heist and it worked WELL!

Affectionately known as Avengers 2.5, we yet again thank the Russo Brothers for treating us to cinema on a scale in which we’ve never seen before! and a Thank you to Marvel who worked out the deal to get us our favorite web-slinger and our African King!

He was mentioned in Winter Soldier, but this Acid trip of a movie focused on intellect over action (Oh there’s plenty of action). The Master of the Mystic Arts has entered the MCU and in grand fashion. Great imagery! Oh… and Infinity Stone.

Welcome to Wakanda! We’re better than you in almost every way! We Won multiple oscars and made a billion dollars and gave hope to kids around the world that black folks can be superheroes too! Nah but seriously, it’s a great movie with a great message and a story that exists on its own.

If you pay any attention to the movie industry you’re grateful for this movie. it didn’t have to happen, but it did and we say THANK YOU for Tom Holland and Michael Keaton and RDJ as well.

THERE YA GO!!!!! Now THIS IS THOR! Took 3 movies but they got it!! easily the best Thor of the series and is in the upper tier of Marvel movies. and the best way to mix the earth based hero storyline into the cosmic storyline! It’s all about bridging the gap people!

So Timeline wise it was hard to choose between Ant-Man and the Wasp with this juggernaut of a movie because technically they happen at the same time. However, If you don’t watch Infinity War FIRST, you’re lost on the ending of the former. so Infinity War it is… get your tissues ready. be…cause…. yeah… In…in….fin.nn..ity…..Stoooonnnneesss

Honestly It’s the Pay off that does it for me in this film. I think the same issue I have with Guardians 2 is the same I have with this movie. They just do more of the same thing that will have you tapping out. BUT THE PAYOFF…. WOW!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! All 21 Marvel Films in order of events. Dare we rank these? Let us know in the comments what you think. We’ll rate and you yell at us for not putting your faves in the the right spots! Hit us on twitter at @TheaterHoppers

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